Traditional handcraft
Ronald McDonald House

In this article, we focus on the project 'de Kiezel' by interior architects Thoben & Minten. They have redesigned the interior of the Ronald McDonald House in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Interior design trends

The latest trends in rugs and interior design. All the inspiration you need about the latest developments in the world of rugs.

Round shapes

Round rugs are an integral part of today's interiors. Curious why this shape is so popular?

Vivid colours

The past months we have been working hard on the new colour palette for our handwoven rugs. The new colours are warm, fit well with the contemporary furniture fabrics and our rugs therefore fit even better in your interior!

Wool, wool & wool

Wool has long been regarded as an environmentally friendly fibre with a host of benefits. Not only does wool look and feel good, it is also 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and incredibly resilient. A material that has been associated with ancient weaving traditions for centuries.

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