We care about people, animals & planet!

Providing quality rugs is our priority. When making our rugs, we pay as much attention to the people, the animals (sheep) and the planet. From the moment the wool is shorn from the sheep to the finished rug, we try to do everything in the most sustainable way possible. The sheep have to live a good life and the wool is shorn painlessly from the animals. For the rugs we use mainly natural materials such as wool, sisal, jute and eucalyptus. The people who make our beautiful rugs must be able to do this in decent conditions and be paid well for it. The wool is dyed with as few substances as possible that are harmful to nature. Thanks to the timeless textures, our rugs will fit into your interior for a long time.

In the coming years, we intend to improve ourselves in the areas of energy, printing, packaging and transport. In this way, we will ensure that our ecological footprint will be as small as possible.